Board of Directors 
Marjorie Hunchak - Chair
Chris Visser - Secretary
Don Cameron - Vice Chair

Stephen Davis - Director
Jacqueline Grabowski - Director
Harpreet Aulakh - Director
Gabriel Chen - Director
Colin Schulhauser - Director


The members of the Board of Directors of the Calgary John Howard Society are carefully selected from within the Calgary area to represent the diverse nature of our community while adhering to our core beliefs of social development and restorative justice. The Directors typically come from varied backgrounds and provide a variety of different experiences, educations, and perspectives to assist the Board in properly guiding and monitoring the Society.

The CJHS Board follows the Policy Governance Model and restricts its involvement to establishing the Society’s Vision, Mission and overall goals (Ends) and then carefully monitoring the Society’s achievement of those objectives as well as its adherence to any executive limitations placed on it by the Board. The Board meets monthly for regular Board meetings and as required for special Board meetings. As well, Board members participate in CJHS functions, fundraisers, and retreats, but Board members never become personally involved in the day to day operations of the Society.

The CJHS Board is permitted to have a maximum of nine members and typically has between seven and nine. Being a member of our Board can be educational, challenging and very rewarding. New Board members are asked to make a three year commitment and in the interests of ensuring that we maintain a vibrant and innovative Board the maximum amount of time that a member can serve on our Board is seven years, which many members do. Anyone who may be interesting in learning more about the possibility of becoming a Board member should contact Michael at

Senior Management 
Gordon Sand - Executive Director 

Leslie McMechan - Assistant Executive Director

Tracey Normand - Chief Financial Officer


Nic Etheridge Calder - Director of Housing

Lisa Wirackowsky-Harris - Program Manager, Youth Housing

Michael Berenbaum - Operations Manager

Kym Jacobs - Manager, Bedford House 

Lacey Leibel - Manager, Berkana House

Sandy Sobkowich - Adult Reintegration Services Manager

Deborah Nowakowski - Youth Services Manager

Raj Lidder - Manager, Stepping Stone Manor

Team Leaders:

Evelyn Fogarty - Team Leader, Berkana House

Tina MacMartin - Team Leader, Youth Residential Services - Raido House

Lisa McLean - Interim Team Leader, Youth Residential Services - Windsor Park

Rob Morrison - Team Leader, Bedford House

Kevin Johnson - Team Leader, Roofs for Youth

Robert Thompson - Team Leader, Adult Housing Reintegration Project

Kevin Webb - Housing Coordinator